Mr. Speaker, The Washington Times recently reported that Mexico's two most deadly drug cartels have more than 100,000 foot soldiers in their criminal cartel armies. That massive firepower does battle with each other and battle with our Border Patrol and our border sheriffs. They fight for control over the drug and human smuggling routes into America.

The killing is rampant in Mexico, with over 7,000 murders this year. Law and order are absent in parts of that nation.

The two biggest and most violent criminal cartels control territory along the border at Laredo, Texas. Now, they are considering combining their criminal enterprises. These two groups, the Zetas and the Federation, if they unite, their 100,000-man army will be almost as big as the entire Mexican Army.

The threat keeps building at our southern border. Mexico is our border neighbor, and we had better be as concerned about the stability of that government and the security of our mutual border as we are about the stability and the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan.

And that's just the way it is.