Mr. Speaker, today 6 months after meeting with Members of Congress and with the staff of OIG of Homeland Security about Ramos and Compean, Richard Skinner of the Office of the Inspector General is now saying his staff did not lie to Members of Congress, but his staff was just mistaken about certain facts when it briefed us.

He also is saying the meeting was confidential. I am sure the OIG staff wishes it had been since the staff misled Congress on what occurred at the border.

Is Skinner saying it is okay to mislead Congress in a confidential meeting? Sounds like it to me. The meeting was only confidential in the fantasy world of OIG. And how would Skinner know; he wasn't even there.

His staff not only told Congress inaccurate things about the case, they said they have the documents to prove their assertions. Even after repeatedly asking for such documents, they were never produced. Why? Because they don't exist.

Now that the transcript of the trial is completed, we find out about the inaccurate statements of OIG to Congress.

OIG would do well to simply tell the truth and get accurate information in public and private rather than use slick Madison Avenue press releases to justify their misstatements to Congress.

And that's just the way it is.