Madam Speaker, students at Skyline High School in Colorado are banned from waving the American flag. The principal is reported as saying, ``These flags were being used as a symbol of bigotry, a symbol of hostility. They were being used to inflame different groups, and we're not going to tolerate that.''

This principal is more concerned about hurting the feelings of people illegally in the U.S. than he is about Americans' freedom of expression. This principal is obviously unaware the flag was offensive to the British who were also illegally in the U.S. When the British reinvaded the United States in 1814 and were illegally on American soil, they marched on Washington waving the British flag, and they burned this very building. The British then sailed upriver to Fort McHenry and were offended by this defiant American flag that was flying. They tried to shoot it down, but Old Glory flew, and we have it down the street in the National Archives, bullet holes and all. We got our National Anthem from the glory of the Star Spangled Banner at Fort McHenry.

The American flag cannot be banned in America. How absurd. What flag do you fly there at that high school, the white flag of surrender so as not to offend anyone illegally in the United States? Good thing the commander at Fort McHenry didn't care about what the British thought and was proud to be an American. And that's just the way it is.