Mr. Speaker, I thank the chairman and the ranking member for bringing this piece of legislation up to the House floor.

Mr. Speaker, North Korea is a world threat, a nuclear world threat. Its leaders are outlaws with no redeeming social character in their souls, and we need to operate with them knowing this.

Last week, North Korea tested another nuclear weapon. As chairman of the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade, I held a hearing in October and predicted that this test would happen again.

With Iran about to receive hundreds of billions of dollars for its illegal nuclear program, we shouldn't be surprised that North Korea wants a piece of the pie, too. Illegal nuclear programs and material can bring a lot of money to a regime.

In the hearing that we had in October, we learned of deep connections between Iran and North Korea. Both nations, among other things, sponsor worldwide terror. They have a history of working together on missile development. There is mounting evidence that they have worked together on their nuclear weapons programs as well. We should expect Iran to keep working with North Korea to advance its own nuclear weapons program.

We have sanctions on North Korea, but all those sanctions have not been fully implemented. The administration's policy of strategic patience is not working because this barbaric regime continues to develop nuclear weapons and ICBMs. I say our patience has run out in dealing with them.

This bill is Congress showing North Korea that there are consequences for their testing of nuclear weapons. We cannot let North Korea develop its nuclear program even more.

North Korea already has submarines with missiles on them that can reach the United States, over 10 nuclear bombs, and for some reason has Austin on its hit list. I take that personally, Mr. Speaker, that Austin is their number one target in the United States.

North Korea is a state that imprisons Christians for their faith, starves its citizens, controls the Internet and the media, tortures anyone in its domain who dares to disagree with the regime, and is engaged in cyberterrorism.

Dangerous actions by a ruthless dictator must be met by forceful responses. I am glad to be an original cosponsor of this bill. I urge its passage. It is time for them to pay the price for going rogue.

And that is just the way it is.