Madam Speaker, who do we fight against?  We have been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan for years.  We heard that we are fighting a war on terror.  But what does that mean?  Who are the people at war with America?


Now, after all this time, our government has decided we must have a politically correct name for our enemy.  No longer can we use the term Jihadist, the primary meaning being a holy war to subject the world to Islam.  After all, using that term might hurt our enemies feelings.

And certainly the most accurate term, Islamo-Fascists, is strictly taboo because it might further anger our enemies by insinuating they are a bit radical when they murder in the name of religion. 


So the government insists that we call the bad guys extremists or terrorists.  The term terrorist is so general it could cover a multitude of individuals.  My neighbor sometimes calls my Dalmatians terrorists.  Does that mean our country is at war with my dogs?  I really hope not.  The term extremists could be applied to Global Warming Advocates, Health enthusiasts, NASCAR fanatics or anyone with strong opinions.  Are we fighting all these people?


Those terms: extremists and terrorists are so vague they dont indicate the war against us is waged in the name of a radical Muslim religious doctrine.  But isnt that the reason for this war? 


The term Jihadist is not a reflection on all Muslims.  After all, many Muslims are literally fighting these radical ideas. 


In a war, we must specifically define our enemy.  Otherwise, we dont know who they are or why they fight. 

And thats just the way it is.