Madam Speaker, I thank the gentlelady from Florida for yielding. I also want to thank my friend from California (Mr. Costa) for introducing this Resolution 1457, and I am proud to be a cosponsor of this important resolution.

The people of Iran are under the oppression of the little fellow from the desert, Ahmadinejad. And the little fella claimed that he won the election last year, but the whole world knows, including he, that he stole the election in Iran. The people of Iran want democracy, they want freedom, and so they took to the streets opposing the little fella. And what did he do? He retaliated. He used his henchmen, his goon squad to come out and brutalize his own people, who were unarmed but yet taking to the streets wanting freedom and a legitimate election. He injured them; he beat them; he hung them, and he shot them, peaceful Iranians wanting freedom and democracy.

But the folks of Iran were not going to be intimidated by the crimes committed against them in their pursuit for freedom and a free election, so they have continued to speak out. By continuing to speak out, of course, more of them get arrested. As my friend from California mentioned, it includes everybody: Women and children, lawyers and journalists. They are all arrested, brutalized, and some are killed in the name of keeping the little fella, Ahmadinejad, in power in Iran.

This past week in Paris, France, 100,000 people, mainly Iranians, marched in support of freedom and democracy for their homeland in Iran. And it's important that we in America let everybody know where we stand when it comes to freedom versus tyranny, freedom versus a dictatorship, that we stand by the people of the nation who want self-determination and freedom.

The Iranians kind of wonder where we stand as a Nation. They are concerned because, you see, they get their government-controlled media and it tells them one thing, that the United States is not supportive. So we need to make it clear to them that we do support them. And they don't want weapons. They don't want armament. They don't want even money. They just want to know that this country, the center and hope for the world when it comes to human rights and democracy, stands with the people, the people of Iran in their quest to control their own destiny and control their own government.

There is no freedom in Iran as long as this regime is in power and Ahmadinejad continues to be the dictator, the tyrant of the desert who threatens to destroy not only our ally Israel, but destroy the West as soon as he can get his hands on those nuclear weapons.

He needs to go. His time has come. It needs to go. And the way that that can happen is when the people of Iran take control of their own country. The best hope for the Iranians, the best hope for the world, Madam Speaker, is for a regime change in Iran by the people of Iran. So we should support that endeavor. We should tell those freedom-loving folks, those sons of liberty, those daughters of democracy, that we in America, halfway around the world, who believe in liberty and believe in democracy and believe in freedom, we stand with them. We support them morally, and we support them because they have the right to determine their own destiny.

Our quarrel as a Nation is not with the people of Iran. Our quarrel is with this dictator, this tyrant, the little fellow from the desert who wants to destroy his own nation and the rest of the world as well.

So I support this resolution and I want to compliment the gentleman from California (Mr. Costa) for bringing this to the floor.

And that's just the way it is.