Madam Speaker, 5 years after the United States removal of Libyan dictator Qadhafi, Libya is a dangerous mess. U.S. policy was simple: remove the country’s dictator, then get out of town. Now there is chaos.

The U.S. gave its blessings as arms were shipped into the Libyan tinderbox. Then Libya quickly exploded.

Now Libya is a state of perpetual anarchy, civil war, and death. Al Qaeda and ISIS have since infiltrated Libya, exploiting the power vacuum United States policy created. At least 6,500 ISIS fighters control over 150 miles of the coast.

ISIS will not stop in Libya. They are using the Libyan base as a hub from which to create mayhem across North Africa. To be clear, the United States has no plan when it comes to Libya.

Libya is another example of an overall weak and indecisive U.S. foreign policy. Meanwhile, more terror by ISIS and evildoers will continue.

And that is just the way it is.