Madam Speaker, four Christian missionaries were recently arrested for disorderly conduct. What was their behavior that got them arrested? These four Christians were peacefully handing out the Gospel of John outside an Arab cultural festival.

Now, the festival was not a private or even a Muslim event. It was an Arab festival, free and open to the public. A video shows the Christian group, that included a former Muslim, outside, about a block away from that event. They were standing quietly on the corner handing out Bibles, when they were arrested by no less than eight police officers.

Now, under sharia law it is forbidden to preach Christianity to a Muslim. But, Madam Speaker, these discriminatory arrests against Christians did not occur in a Muslim country; they occurred in Dearborn, Michigan.

The First Amendment of our Constitution safeguards freedom of speech and freedom of religious expression even for Christians. Maybe the police in Dearborn, Michigan, haven't read the Constitution. These arrests are shameful, whether the police in Dearborn, Michigan, like it or not.

And that's just the way it is.