Washington, Dec 6, 2007 CLICK HERE TO WATCH

     Mr. Speaker, in the third world country of Sudan, the government is controlled by the religion of Islam. Religious hard-liners were successful in prosecuting a British first grade teacher for insulting Mohammed. She was sent to jail. Her crime: her 7-year-old students named a class Teddy Bear "Mohammed," and that was supposedly an insult to the Prophet. The punishment could have been worse. She could have received 40 lashes. In fact, thousands of Sudanese citizens marched demanding the school teacher be executed for the insult!

   Of course, the teacher never meant to insult Islam, but the truth was not an issue in her trial.

   The Sudan, this is the same "righteous" government that is allowing ethnic cleansing and genocide of its own citizens in Darfur.

   But thanks to two Muslim members of the British House of Lords who disagreed with the arrest, the school teacher, Gillian Gibbon, was pardoned after serving 8 days in jail.

   This case is an example of what happens when government punishes people for violating a religious doctrine.

   And, by the way, the Teddy Bear was originally so named to honor the great President Theodore Roosevelt.

   And that's just the way it is.