You wouldnt know it from watching C-SPAN, but just as there are members of Congress who love to talk on the floor, there are others who hardly utter a word.

When C-SPAN recently made its video archives back to 1987 available on its Web site, it also tallied the number of days different lawmakers appeared on the floor either to make a speech or insert comments into the Congressional Record. The tally doesnt record the number or length of speeches, only the number of days.

The House statistics make that chamber seem more democratic. In the Senate, party leaders tend to monopolize the floor. The most talkative House member is Ted Poe , a Texas Republican from the Houston area noted for his fervently conservative one-minute speeches.

The most reticent is TimothyV.Johnson , an independent-minded Illinois Republican who spends much of his time phoning constituents rather than making speeches.

Source: CQ Weekly
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