Mr. Speaker, the gunning down of the Houston police officer by an illegal who shot him in the back has sparked new immigration safety concerns. Although the ``open borders crowd'' doesn't want to talk about it, normal citizens are speaking the truth anyway. Mac Garrison of Kingwood, Texas writes, ``The murder of Houston Police Officer Rodney Johnson must serve as a wakeup call to all concerned citizens regarding the huge problem of illegal immigration.

``Our borders are nonexistent, our language is deteriorating, and our culture is melting away.

``Those that come here illegally, simply by the nature of their first act on American soil, breaking the law, have no respect for our laws and our social structure. Anarchy seems to rule the day now.

``The Federal Government has failed miserably to protect the border. And local law enforcement agencies are being denied the ability to work closely with other Federal agencies to stop this problem.

``We as a law abiding society must demand more accountability of elected leaders and our citizens. Now, more than ever is the time to get extremely serious about putting a complete halt to illegal immigration before more lives are lost and before our country is completely financially and morally bankrupt.''

Mr. Speaker, Mac Garrison speaks for many Americans.

And that's just the way it is.