Madam Speaker, it seems the terrorist group Hamas may have been receiving money from a U.S.-based fake charity organization that funds Hamas's reigns of terror in the Middle East, all under the hypocritical name of compassion and goodwill. A Dallas, Texas, Muslim charity has been charged with pouring millions of dollars into a terrorist slush fund that is bent on destroying Israel and the United States.

   While the charity denies any wrongdoing, of course, prosecutors say money went straight to Hamas and some of the money went to aid families of suicide bombers. But this self-righteous ``charity'' says they are innocent.

   The charity claims they were sending money for humanitarian efforts in Palestine. Madam Speaker, the fanatical terrorist group Hamas is not a humanitarian organization. They kill humanitarians.

   If nonprofit organizations in the United States are aiding terrorist organizations in their devastation, destruction, and death, they should be held accountable. If this charity is a fraud, then the money should be confiscated and given to victims of terrorism. And then the charity organizers ought to go to jail.

   And that's just the way it is.