WASHINGTON, October 30 -


Mr. Speaker, the most important person in my life, my grandmother, always told me that you never hurt somebody you claim you love. This simple, but powerful, statement is one to reflect on this month, October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

When I came to Congress, I met a remarkable woman named Yvette Cade from Maryland who was the victim of horrible domestic abuse. After being denied a protective order by a judge, Yvette's estranged husband came into her place of employment, poured gasoline on her, and set her on fire. This incident changed her life forever but does not hold her back, and now she advocates for other domestic abuse victims.

Domestic violence affects all races, religions, and economic groups. I am working along with my friend from California, Jim Costa of the Victims' Rights Caucus, to make sure that Congress deals with this issue not just in October but every month of the year. Domestic violence is never the fault of the victim. It is the fault of the perpetrator.

Mr. Speaker, you never hurt somebody you claim you love.

And that's just the way it is.