Mr. Speaker, the unemployment rate is in double digits around this country. Some States have the highest unemployment rate in history. The economy is bleeding jobs because the trillion-dollar stimulus bill was a jobs disaster bill.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, that's all we heard from the taxacrats as they jammed that bill through Congress. They didn't give anybody a chance to read it. They sure didn't want Members of Congress to read it. The American people didn't get to read it, and they have to suffer the consequences.

But the stimulus bill did help one city, however. Washington, D.C., has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Now, how can that be? Well, the stimulus bill stimulated government programs funded at taxpayer expense. These aren't real jobs. Government doesn't create anything. All they do is suck money out of a private economy that could create real jobs.

The bureaucrats created more jobs for red tape regulating bureaucrats and forced citizens to subsidize it. All the trillion-dollar stimulus bill did was spend taxpayer money to create more government regulations, more government control, and more government bureaucrats. That's too bad.

And that's just the way it is.