Mr. Speaker, the Iraq defeat bill that this House has passed sets the day certain that American troops will leave Iraq. By doing so, Congress is trying to legislate ``defeat day'' no matter the consequences.

   In other words, retreat, retreat, at any price, retreat. Quit, quit, at any price, quit. Withdraw, withdraw, at any price, withdraw. Flee, flee, at any price, flee. Surrender, surrender, at any price surrender.

   Congress has changed the phrase, ``when the going gets tough, send in the U.S. Cavalry, send in the U.S. Marines,'' to, ``when the going gets tough, leave,'' leave in the darkness of the night and let the Iraqis go it alone.

   I am sure there is joy in ``Desertville'' in the fanatical minds of the enemies of freedom. Mr. Speaker, war is hard. This war is hard. But we cannot neglect our duty because it is hard.

   The stability of the region and our national security depend on our U.S. success in defeating the enemy. We need to make it hard on them. Give them a day to remember.

   And that's just the way it is.