Mr. Speaker, this week, the first National Guard troops hit our Nation's border. They are not carrying the same guns and ammunition as the Mexican military on the other side, but they are driving bulldozers and road equipment. They are starting a project that people all across the country support, fortifying our border, helping to prevent the invasion of the drug smugglers and human traffickers that blatantly infiltrate our Nation.

Americans want to see our Nation strengthened. Mr. Speaker, Alexandra Gary from Riverwood Middle School in Kingwood, Texas, writes to me, ``I think we should stop trying to help people from Mexico come into America illegally. I think we should have a stronger border control. It is unfair to let so many people come to America illegally. It is almost like they are stealing. They sneak into our country and escape from paying taxes. They take people's jobs. The few people that we catch and return to Mexico just keep coming back. If we strengthen our borders, then no more can come in. All America needs is ideas and justice.''

Mr. Speaker, those simple but strong ideas of justice come from a 12-year-old, someone who has more stake in the future of our nation than anyone on the floor right now. And as a legal citizen, no matter her age, she, unlike illegals, has the right to speak her mind. Alexander understands we are being invaded. Now it is our government's turn to understand this simple but wise truth. And that's just the way it is.