Madam Speaker, what is playing out in southern Lebanon is analogous to the days of yesteryear in the Old West. It is the cowboys versus the outlaws.

There is a basic human right to self-defense. There is a basic right to shoot back when shot at. You don't have to duck, run or hide. And there is a further right to keep on shooting back until the bad guys stop shooting.

This is taking place in the gunfight with Hezbollah outlaws and Israeli cowboys, just like the Old West.

Hezbollah, a fancy name for a gang of terrorists, are kidnappers and killers, and they are hiding out in the hills of southern Lebanon. They are a state within a state. They are spreading terror. That's what terrorists do. They started shooting at Israeli citizens, kids and soldiers, and they won't stop no matter what we do. The outlaws have fired 1,100 rounds, and they will shoot thousands more because they preach death to Israel.

So, Madam Speaker, what's a cowboy to do? Well, shoot back and keep on shooting until the Hezbollah gang stops, gives up, or is rounded up and locked up.

It is a basic human right to defend yourself and take out the outlaws. And that's just the way it is.