Mr. Speaker, Americans who live on the border are victimized by criminal invaders every day and they are fed up with it. They are tired of a weak immigration policy, but even more sick and tired of the Mexican Government trying to control American soil.

C.E. Dob Cunningham of Eagle Pass, Texas, has every right to be fed up, especially after receiving this letter from the Mexican Consulate in Mexico. It says: As an owner or occupant of property susceptible of crossings and break-ins by Mexican migrant workers, the consulate of Mexico is deeply concerned about this issue and the security of lives of migrant workers. We strongly recommend you do not take any measures into your own hands. Please be aware that it may have legal implications for yourself and the owners of these properties which may end up in expensive lawsuits and cumbersome court hearings.

Mr. Cunningham wrote back a few words and then wrote them back a second time and said, if your letter was intended to scare or intimidate us, it didn't work. Until the illegal alien problem is solved, we will continue to patrol our ranch to protect our property, our family and our freedom. C.E. Cunningham, proud American.

Let's send a message to Generalissimo Fox: we will not be scared or intimidated. In fact, Americans should sue Mexico and make Fox pay reparations for the damage his illegals do to American property by invading our country.

And that's just the way it is.