Mr. Speaker, what do six terrorist attacks, Gitmo, dead Americans, and Khalid Sheik Mohammed--also known as KSM--have in common? Waterboarding.

Last week, several top secret national security papers were released to the public. We learned from these documents that waterboarding is apparently saving American lives. After being waterboarded numerous times at Gitmo, KSM, the killer responsible for planning 9/11, started talking. He told the CIA about plans to hijack an airplane and crash it into a skyscraper in Los Angeles and kill Americans. He disclosed the 17-member terrorist cell charged with executing that plan. He also exposed plans of another terrorist cell in New York plotting to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge.

The enhanced interrogation encouraged KSM to disclose information by naming the ringleaders of four other terrorist attacks. Americans are alive because this individual was doused in water.

Terrorists are not victims. The only victims are thousands of people who have died at the hands of these outlaws. The CIA interrogators have saved American lives by baptizing these criminals in water.

And that's just the way it is.