Mr. Speaker, I want to express my appreciation to Bishop Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church for coming to lead the opening prayer on this special day. Mr. Speaker, 100 years ago, July 28, President Wilson declared a national day of prayer for the Serbian people and their fight during World War I.

Bishop Irinej has a long career of service, both to God and the church, as well as the Serbian American community. His work has taken him around the world.

Formerly, he was a bishop of Australia and New Zealand, and before that, he spent years serving the church in Serbia. For most of his career, he has been a dedicated educator, teaching at Loyola University in Chicago and as a member of the orthodox church’s theological faculty in Belgrade.

Perhaps most notably today is his work to improve the ties between the Serbian diaspora and the Serbian state. Bishop Irinej plays an important role in bringing us all together with God’s love. 

It was my honor to invite him to share his faith with us today. Thank you, Bishop Irinej, for that prayer, and may God bless Serbia and the United States of America.

And that is just the way it is.