WASHINGTON, September 12 -


Mr. Speaker,

The U.S. is considering sending missiles into Syria. Also, CIA funded weapons have begun flowing to Syrian Rebels.

The rebels are made up of the Syrian army, Al Qaeda and others.

It seems the FSA is liberating areas and al-Qaeda comes in behind and imposes strict Islamic Sharia law in those territories.

Al-Qaeda is a terrorist group that is at war with America.

Richard Engel with NBC (Nightly News) interviewed Abu Abda Rahman – on of thousands of al-Qaeda fighters In Syria. In the interview – (aired last night)- Engel asked Abu Rahman “The U.S. is considering launching military strikes against Syria – would that help you?”

Rahman replied, “We have a prayer: ‘Oh Allah, please annihilate our enemies by other enemies.’ Bashar Assad is an enemy. And America is an enemy. Let them fight.”

Mr. Speaker, in this civil war, why would we ever consider either launching missiles into Syria or arming rebels – which includes our enemy al-Qaeda?

And that’s just the way it is.