Washington, Oct 3 -


Mr. Speaker, the Palestinian Authority has a new face for its movement for statehood. It's Latifa Hmeid. Palestinians praise her as the ìmother of seven prisonersî and the mother of a person called ìMartyr.î

These sons of hers are in prison for crimes against humanity. Rather than mother of the year, it turns out she is really mother of all terrorists. One of her sons, the Martyr, was a member of the military wing of Hamas, who planned and conducted the ambush and murder of an Israeli intelligence officer. Her other sons are serving a total of--get this--18 life sentences in prison. They have committed crimes, including attempted murders, the murder of seven Israeli citizens, and the involvement in numerous terrorist attacks.

This is the person the Palestinians have leading the movement for statehood at the United Nations. Having Mother Terrorist as the representative for Palestinian statehood shows an obvious hatred and bigotry against Jews, the State of Israel, and the notion of peace. The Palestinians need to quit murdering in the name of religion and start honest bilateral negotiations with Israel in the name of peace. The U.N. should not unilaterally allow Palestinian statehood. Terrorists don't deserve a seat at the table.

And that's just the way it is.