Madam Speaker, we are being told by the administration that unless America plays this stimulus package game, ``the country may never recover.'' Once again the politics of fear and intimidation are on Capitol Hill.

If we open up this $835 billion package and look inside, we see all types of goodies for special interest groups that is nothing more than government waste.

There are millions in the package for grant money for neighborhood electrical vehicles that go to government workers. Here's one of these $7,500 vehicles right here. It looks like a golf cart to me. Why should the taxpayer be forced to buy these contraptions?

Does anyone really think this will help the economy?

Well, the taxpayers are yelling ``fore'' while being left out in the rough, and Congress keeps adding strokes to the scorecard.

This bill is supposed to get the economy back on the fairway, but it's just one bogey after another.

Want to stimulate the economy? Let Americans keep more of their own money.

No golf carts for government workers. The government is millions of strokes over par by playing this stimulus game.

And that's just the way it is.