Madam Speaker, it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a legal driver's license. Illegals, who aren't even supposed to be here, broke the law to get here, and they break it every day by staying here.

   Some States pander to illegals and encourage them to stay. Seven States: Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah and Washington, issue legal driver's licenses to illegals. These illegals then can use the driver's license to travel to other States, set up credit, obtain free social services, and in some States that don't verify citizenship, use these licenses to vote. Thus, these States encourage illegals to stay here. This is an absurd policy that gives the same recognition status to illegals that should be reserved only to citizens and legal immigrants.

   We need stricter requirements for driver's licenses, not more lax enforcement. The 9/11 terrorists used fake driver's licenses to "move about the country freely." So States that promote violation of Federal immigration policy by issuing these driver's licenses to illegals should lose Federal transportation highway funds.

   Millions for border security, not one cent to highways for illegals.

   And that's just the way it is.