Washington, Sep 20 -

Mr. Speaker, at a border forum in Brownsville, Texas, yesterday Special Ranger Roland Garcia for the Texas and South Western Cattle Raisers Association testified about the results of the porous and unsecure border on ranchers. He said the drug cartels are a quiet fearsome enemy. ìThey intimidate the land holders and instill terror in them ñ then fear follows.î The landholders are fearful to report cross border activity because of the silent threat of reprisal and retaliation. The landholders feel that the government cannot protect them, their land or their cattle, so they donít report crime.

ìTexas ranchers fear that they may be targets of kidnappings for ransom. They have received death threats if they report illegal activity to law enforcement.î

Ranger Garcia is concerned that landholders will start self-policing.  In other words organize and deal with the cartel intruders ñ themselvesóold west style.

This testimony is yet more alarming evidence that the invasion of our borders by the drug cartels is a real national security threat to the people who live on or near our border.

And thatís just the way it is.