Mr. Speaker, Friday morning, as the 45th President was about to be sworn in, Obama administration officials packed up their desks and prepared to ride off into the sunset, but not before quietly slipping in a last-minute surprise snub to Israel on their way out of town by shipping off $221 million to the Palestinian Authority. 

Mr. Speaker, this move is sadly not surprising, but wildly inappropriately insulting. The final days of the Obama White House were filled with unapologetic, downright hostility to our friend Israel. Just last month the United States betrayed our friends by allowing the U.N. Security Council to vote attacking Israel. 

Now in the shadow of that vote, in a last act of defiance, the old group sent millions of dollars to fill the coffers of Israel’s enemy. Thankfully, there is a new man in charge in Washington. President Trump has pledged to support Israel, not betray them. He says he will move the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move I support if the Israelis support that. 

Israel is our greatest friend and should never question where we stand. The Trump White House seems to understand that. Good riddance to those who did not understand it.

And that is just the way it is.