Mr. Speaker, crimes by illegals continue to plague American cities.

Jose Vallejo is another illegal charged with a vicious crime, this time rape of a 4-year-old in Illinois. The judge in that case set a $150,000 bond, and the defendant actually made the bond; but ICE arrested the individual and took him to an immigration judge for deportation. Vallejo begged the immigration judge to deport him so he wouldn't have to be tried in Illinois for the State charge. The judge, unaware of the rape charges, agreed and ordered Vallejo immediately deported back to Mexico. But before Vallejo could pull off this legalized jail break from Illinois, he was rearrested to stand charges on the rape case.

Federal authorities should not order illegals like Vallejo deported until they have been tried and served prison time for their crimes in State criminal courts; then they should be deported. Otherwise more illegals will agree to be deported before their criminal trials and try to fraudulently avoid U.S. justice and the consequences of their crimes by hiding in their own homeland.

And that's just the way it is.