Mr. Speaker, for years, Pakistan has provided support for America’s enemies with American blood on their hands. Pakistan has supported the Taliban providing them safe haven, cash, and weapons.

It is no coincidence that the leader of the Taliban was living in Pakistan when a United States air strike took him out last year. Pakistan harbored the number one enemy of the world, Obama bin Laden, until our SEALs brought him to justice.

Pakistan’s intelligence services has been dubbed the veritable arm of the terrorist group Haqqani Network. They have even cut off supply routes for our troops in Afghanistan.

The Ambassador to Afghanistan has said that Pakistan supports terrorist groups in Afghanistan, but still Pakistan is considered a major non-NATO ally of the U.S. This status means that they get priority for significant benefits in the areas of foreign aid and defense cooperation.

I am introducing a bill that removes Pakistan from this list of trusted allies. Pakistan is playing both sides. It is time to call it like it is. Pakistan should not be counted as a major nonNATO ally of the United States.

And that is just the way it is.