Mr. Speaker, on September 11th, America honored those murdered by people who kill in the name of religion.

   Americans held solemn tributes, prayers, and raised Old Glory across the plains and prairies of this heartland. But no American flags were displayed by students at Hobbton High School in North Carolina. The superintendent of this government school district banned the display of any country's flag on the clothing of students. Dr. Hobbs said disruptions have been caused in the school by the wearing of certain national flags. So on this almost holy day of September 11th, no American flags were allowed on clothes at this American school.

   Dr. Hobbs, if you are going to ban the display or the wearing of flags, ban foreign ones, not the ones that fly over this Nation--the American flag.

   Have we become so timidly concerned about offending foreigners that we now disrespect our Nation by banning the American flag? This unpatriotic paranoia is an insult to this Nation and the students of your school, and the superintendent should be ashamed. Mr. Hobbs, Betsy Ross would not be proud of you.

   And that's just the way it is.