Mr. Speaker, bruised and battered Christian McCall’s wife called the police, reporting that her husband was engaging in domestic abuse. So, on January 17, Detective Michael Doty and three other deputies who wear the badge responded to the call for help. 

After beating up his wife, the scoundrel took off, running away from the police. What followed was a 3-hour manhunt for the outlaw.

As the law officers closed in on his trail, shots rang out from McCall. Sergeants Randy Clinton, Buddy Brown, and Kyle Cummings were all shot during the chase.

We thank the good Lord that they are expected to make a full recovery. Detective Michael Doty was also shot and killed.

This is his photograph. Detective Doty was a member of the thin blue line leaving the world too soon.

He was 37 years old and a 12-year veteran of the York County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina. He and his twin brother enlisted in the force at the same time.

Doty dedicated his life to protecting and serving. He previously worked in the drug enforcement unit as a member of the SWAT team.

As his body was transported to the medical center, fellow officers lined the streets in tribute to him. He was an officer every agency would be proud to have.

Each and every day, we are grateful to have officers like Michael Doty. The shooter was captured and he will face justice.

America’s peace officers do America’s dirty work. They root out evil and go after those who would do us harm.

Officers like Michael Doty are the rare breed who give their lives for the rest of us. And for that, we are grateful.

And that is just the way it is.