Madam Speaker, on Monday, five black-robed judges down the street decided that we weren't doing enough for illegal trespassers.

   The Supreme Court just made it easier for illegals to extend their stay in the United States, even after they have been ordered to leave. People like Nigerian Samson Dada, who has been in our country illegally since 1998, can now manipulate and game the system in order to get more time. He has refused to go home, and the Supreme Court basically has said, ``It's okay. You can stay in spite of being lawfully deported.''

   The Supreme Court's ruling overturned other court decisions upholding his deportation. In other words, the High Court ruled in favor of people who have laughingly ignored and disregarded our laws.

   Once again, the Supreme Court has made law rather than interpret law. The five liberal judges on the Supreme Court who wish to write our laws should take off their black robes and run for Congress. After all, the Constitution I read says Congress should make law, not the Supreme Court.

   Contrary to what the Supreme Court seems to believe, our justice system has an obligation to protect the rights of people who follow the law, not expand the privileges of those who are illegally on our land.

   And that's just the way it is.