Mr. Speaker, like a character out of Looney Tunes, the incorrigible little Kim of North Korea and his minions can’t stop rattling their sabers. New satellite images show a prolonged and heightened level of activity at North Korea’s underground nuclear site.

Since coming into power, little Kim has continually defied U.N. sanctions and increased testing of missiles and nuclear weapons. Just this last weekend, North Korea illegally launched yet another menacing ballistic missile.

North Korea plans to develop submarines from which to launch these missiles towards the United States. Despite little Kim’s Wile E. Coyote antics, the United States cannot underestimate the war-prone lunacy of Kim Jong-un.

Even our old Deputy Secretary of State recently warned that little Kim’s weapon capabilities have shown improvement within the past year, resulting in ‘‘unprecedented level of activity.’’

The last administration’s appeasement policy of North Korea and its strategic patience has failed. The United States must cripple North Korea’s regime with multiple sanctions.

We must convince China that it is in their interest to rein in their puppet state of North Korea, and quickly deploy the new THAAD missile systems throughout the region and in Asia.

And that is just the way it is, Mr. Speaker.