Mr. Speaker, on May 16, 2017, as Turkish President Erdogan visited the Nation’s Capital, his gestapo security forces unleashed a brutal assault on peaceful American demonstrators. Many of them were Armenian Americans who were exercising their constitutional right of free speech.

As Erdogan looked on, his thugs demonstrated their intolerance for free expression and contempt for America. This illegal behavior is absolutely intolerable by any security force, especially on U.S. soil against Americans. 

Fifteen members of the Turkish security detail were originally charged for this unprovoked attack, but now there are only four. Why? It is clear from video recordings and witness accounts that more than four Turks participated on this assault on free speech.

I contacted the Justice Department and asked why charges were dropped against 11 guards, but they refused to give an explanation. The DOJ should not be complicit in Erdogan’s assault on democracy. 

The DOJ must enforce American law. It must not make backroom deals with want-to-be dictators.

And that is just the way it is.