Mr. Speaker, southeast Texas is proud of the military men that it's produced, men such as United States Air Force Major Andrew Stone of Beaumont, Texas, who recently received the Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor for his heroics while fighting in Afghanistan. Thus far, there have only been a handful of recipients of this second highest military award from the Afghanistan and Iraqi wars.

   On October 30, 2006, Major Stone answered a distress call from a Special Forces Unit that was on the ground and was trapped and taking heavy rocket and machine gun fire. Alone against this enemy, Major Stone attacked in his A-10 aircraft with a barrage of 30mm cannon fire. With no regard for his own safety, and while exposing himself to horrific enemy ground fire, Major Stone continued to perform cover over this trapped Special Forces Unit until they reached complete safety. He would not leave any of them behind. It was his selfless courage and bravery that enabled this U.S. troop patrol to escape.

   And as we approach Veterans Day, we honor our relentless warriors like Major Stone. And it's with great pride that I recognize this son of Texas and congratulate him on receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross.

   And that's just the way it is.