Washington, Sep 9 -


Madam Speaker, 10 years ago, I was headed to the courtroom as a judge in Houston, Texas. I was driving my jeep and listening to country western music when I heard on the radio that New York was under attack. Later that day, as most Americans were watching television, as I was later in the evening, I saw those attacks on New York and the Pentagon and how thousands of people, Americans, were running as hard as they could to get away from that terror in the sky.

But there was another group of people, not very many, but they were there. And they were running as hard as they could to get to that terror from the skies. And who were they? They were our first responders ñ peace officers, Port Authority officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and volunteers. And they rushed into those burning buildings and saved people.

And while today it is just as important that we remember those thousands that died on 9/11, we should also remember those that got to live because Americaís first responders went into those buildings and saved them.

And thatís just the way it is.