Mr. Speaker, recently, in the border ghost town of Ft. Quitman, Texas, a county road crew came under automatic weapon fire.

The four Hudspeth County workers reported at leasteight shots were fired at them from across the border in Mexico.

The Rio Grande is very narrow at this isolated region and is used by armed smugglers to illegally enter the United States.

Speculation by the Texas Rangers is the shooter was trying to protect the drug route from the workers.

This newest attack on the road crew is yet another example of the brazen violent determination of outlaws to invade the United States.

The United States protects the borders of other nations, why doesnt the Federal government do its constitutional duty and protect our border from foreign invaders?

Are border states going to have to not only give road crews shovels, but rifles to protect them from the drug cartels?

Its time to be serious and protect Americans and put more National Guard troops on the border.

Meantime, Washington seems to be whistling by the graveyard of indifference.

And thats just the way it is.