Mr. Speaker, on any beautiful day down in Houston, Texas, you can find Shaun Linsey driving perfectly hit golf balls down the range. His father, Mark, is Shaun’s biggest fan and competitor.

Mark and Shaun have competitions between the two from time to time, but it’s always in good fun. At age three, Shaun’s parents were told he was autistic and that he wouldn’t ever be able to speak.

Shaun has defied the odds, and with the help of his mom, Linda, Shaun is able to both speak and compete in the sport he loves. Shaun has since picked up the game of golf and has become wildly successful.

Even though his golf skills were impeccable, Shaun found he wasn’t accepted in regular competitions. That’s when he and his family turned toward the Special Olympics.

The great program gave the young golfer a chance to compete and win. Shaun has done more than just compete in golf competitions.

He and his dad have won area, state, and even placed in national competitions. Shaun is one of the best golfers around, and that’s a true testament to his determination in continually striving to better himself.

Becoming a great golfer takes a lot of hard work and it is evident Shaun has put in many hours on the golf course to get to where he is today. I am honored to be able to speak of Shaun’s accomplishments in his life.

I am also honored to say Shaun hails from our beloved Houston. His tenacity and passion for life is incredible and he truly exemplifies what it means to be a Special Olympian.

Keep golfing Shaun. We can’t wait to see what else he accomplishes down the road.

And that’s just the way it is.