Mr. Speaker, a new terrorist has just been captured in Florida. Not an international terrorist, but a homegrown domestic one.

The facts are hard to comprehend, but here they are, according to the Associated Press. A husband took his wife on a canoe trip, and finding a wilderness spot, he took her ashore and then he raped her. He tied his naked wife to a tree and assaulted her with the butt of a knife. He let her hang on the tree for over 2 hours, then he took her off and raped her again. All the while, get this, he was videotaping this ghastly, dastardly crime. This crime is one of intimidation, degradation and humiliation.

Mr. Speaker, rape is a crime where the deviant tries to destroy the soul of the victim. When the assault occurs in the family, the domestic rape is even worse.

Now the hubby is facing a multitude of criminal charges, as it ought to be. Wives are not male property and these crimes are not to be excused as a domestic problem.

The offender should be given quick, accurate justice, and then tell him to pack his toothbrush, because justice is a thing we are going to find and demand life behind bars in this case.

And that's just the way it is.