Mr. Speaker, when Ms. USA recently appeared in Mexico City, she was repeatedly booed every time she was onstage. Apparently, the host and hostess and the ``Politically Correct Police'' missed it or just ignored it.

   The pro-amnesty crowd is moving right along in its efforts to convince the American public that illegal immigration exists because people would do anything to be an American; interesting logic considering recent events. But I've never understood the logic in rewarding 12 to 20 million law breakers with amnesty for any reason.

   In America, we seem to do things a little bit different. We cheer for our country. We wave our flag. We invest in our country, and we respect our neighbors. And by respecting neighbors, I don't mean we invade somebody else's country, demand benefits and protest brazenly in the streets waving foreign flags. And where I come from, we never boo a lady.

   The booing incident of Americans doesn't come as a big shock to most of us. It has happened before in U.S.-Mexico sporting events. The Mexican team and the Mexican fans booed the U.S. players. It is the disappointment in the lack of reaction from some of our leaders to realize that they are not welcoming future Americans into our country with their amnesty giveaway; they are just giving away the country.

   A pathway to citizenship, or earned citizenship, or any other giveaway program they want to call it only works if people really want to become Americans. If you want to be an American, then there are some responsibilities to that. You just don't get to take all you can and leave when you are done.

   I don't agree that this amnesty nonsense is what's best for America, and I know, without a doubt, that the uncontrolled border is a natural disaster. Sure, it's great for Mexico. Their struggling economy depends on our citizens; or rather, their citizens' loyalty to their country, not loyalty to our country.

   But the argument is that we have to allow those living in our country illegally the opportunity to come out of the shadows and be a part of our country and our culture. That simply is not going to happen, because their loyalty lies with their former nation. And an amnesty giveaway is going to legalize their loyalty to their home country, not make them Americans.

   Mexico and other countries promote illegal immigration to the United States with one understanding: You send your money back home to Mexico. And America is not home. Billions headed south last year to Mexico alone. Remittances from the United States were the second highest revenue for Mexico, right behind the sale of crude oil, beating out tourism.

   So when the United States gets booed, people that don't understand this are a bit taken aback. Is it irony or arrogance? Most people don't bite the hands that feed them, especially when you have them eating out of your hand.

   The administration recently said, ``Those determined to find fault with this bill will always be able to look at a narrow slice of it and find something they don't like. If you want to kill this bill, if you don't want to do what's right for America, you can pick out one little aspect of it.''

   Although I respect the President greatly, I respectfully suggest he is in error. We cannot accept the narrow slice or the whole amnesty pie. We are not that much of a glutton for this pie in the sky.

   Americans deserve better. They deserve real immigration reform that secures the borders with the utmost of urgency and an end to political preference policy for illegals, a policy that discriminates against American citizens and legal immigrants.

   We need to end employment opportunities and social benefits intended and entitled to Americans and have legislation that puts the needs and benefits of Americans first.

   Kowtowing to Mexico, the country that takes and takes from America but booed Ms. USA off the stage, is exactly what's wrong with this new Senate amnesty bill and this administration's position.

   And that's just the way it is.