Mr. Speaker, now that the media sideshows and the press conferences are over for the Iraqi Surrender Group, and the President vetoed the day of surrender bill yesterday, and properly so, Congress needs to get on about the business of funding our troops. Failure to fund our troops not only will affect our troops there, but it will affect the Iraqi security forces, the National Guard, and, of course, our Reserves.

   That first bill may have funded some of the troops, but it had the pork and beans provision, $26 billion for the shrimp industry, the peanut farmers and the spinach farmers. Eliminate that and eliminate the day of surrender provision in that bill. Have a clean bill to support our troops. No more complaining. Send them the money they need.

   This reminds me of the same problem that General Stonewall Jackson had with the Confederate Congress when they were complaining about the war. He said, ``Send more troops, not more questions.''

   And that's just the way it is.