Madam Speaker, recently three boats of the Somali pirates gave chase on the high seas toward a lone ship of prey, ready once again to capture an unarmed vessel and the crew, and hold them hostage until the ransom is paid.

As the smiling armed outlaws sped toward the game and readied the attack, the target appeared to flee as it headed away into the horizon of the sun.

But to the dismay of the bold bandits, they were trapped. The supposed merchant ship dispatched two boats that headed directly for the malcontents of robbery. Aboard were French commandos. The alleged merchant ship was a ship of the French Navy. Shots were fired over the criminals, and in minutes the 11 pirates of misfortune were captured and stowed away in the darkness of the French brig.

Madam Speaker, it defies reason that merchant ships are not armed. The international maritime community should arm their ships against the pirates of prey. The French and American Navies cannot save them every day. Let the philosophy of the Second Amendment, "right to bear arms