Madam Speaker, the Oak Parks Apartments in Albany, Oregon, this week decided to ban American flags. The apartment manager said American flags might offend somebody in the community, so she issued a dictate: fly Old Glory, and you get evicted. American flag sticker on your car in the parking lot? Not allowed. No Stars and Stripes flying from a motorcycle or a car.

So the American patriots living there fought back. They said anyone offended by their American flags would have to just get over it. They started flying flags everywhere. One mom put an American flag poster in her son's window. He is fighting in Iraq, wearing the flag on his shoulder. One lady just walked around the complex every day waving the flag.

These people did not give in. They were offended by the flag police. You see, the Constitution protects their right to display the flag as free speech. And yesterday the apartment manager backed off. Flying Old Glory is okay again, even if it offends the politically correct apartment owner.

So, congratulations to these American patriots. The score: American flag 1--flag police, zero.

And that's just the way it is.