Mr. Speaker because Wall Street has made bad judgment calls the American tax payer is being forced to bail them out at 700,000,000,000.  700 billion, what does that mean?  That means every man, woman, child and illegal in the United States will have to fork over $2000 a piece to bail out the money grabber barons on Wall Street.  And thats just wrong.

            Why is it, Mr. Speaker the bigger the business, the more the Federal Government thinks it should swoop in to save these incompetent business people?  Small businesses mom and pop stores dont get this break.  When they make bad financial decisions, they go out of business. 

            But the rich and famous Wall Street New York City fat cats expect Joe Six Pack to buck it up and pay for all this nonsense. Reward people for being irresponsible and expect responsible people to pay for the sins of the financial industry? 

            I dont think so. 

            Putting a financial gun to the head of each American is not the answer. 

            The government has no authority to force Americans to ante up a $700 billion ransom to save the hides of the rich robber barons on Wall Street. 

            And thats just the way it is.