Mr. Speaker, while the Ayatollah has preached ``Death to America,'' the United States and the West have made a deal with the deceitful wolf of the desert.

Iran promises to temporarily cut back and not continue its nuclear weapon development capability. Then Iran will receive sanction relief. It will be able to export oil and receive billions of dollars in cash.

In 5 years, the embargo on most conventional weapons against Iran will be lifted. In 8 years, Iran will be able to import ICBMs. In 10 years, the deal expires and Iran can develop nuclear weapons, thus legitimizing the number one state sponsor of terrorism and allowing it to be a nuclear weapons power.

This is dangerous. This will start a nuclear arms race. Israel will be less safe. So will America.

In theory, this deal is supposed to give us ``peace in our time,'' to coin a phrase. But Iran is a wolf in wolf's clothing , and the wolf has made a deal with the sheep not to eat them for 10 years. Then what? Supper?

And that is just the way it is.