Mr. Speaker, when a veteran is buried in one of our national cemeteries, the flag draped over the warrior's coffin is neatly folded and given to the warrior's family. As the flag is folded, a statement is made as to what each fold represents. Two of the folds refer to Jews and Christians in our military. But that ceremony has been sabotaged by the National Cemetery Administration. Some bureaucrat banned the recitation of the meaning of the folds in the flag at all national cemeteries because someone complained about the ceremony being religious.

To ban this time-honored tradition which recognizes life, gives tribute to our country and to our Armed Forces, honors women, recognizes fathers, and reminds us of our national motto ``In God We Trust'' is un-American and, frankly, it's stupid.

I've been to funerals at national cemeteries of fallen troops from my district. I've heard the recitation of the meaning of each fold. I've watched tearful mothers and fathers and spouses hold that flag next to their chest, grateful for every fold.

The Washington bureaucrat that issued this absurd ruling should withdraw the ban. It's unpatriotic, irreverent and disrespectful of our war dead.

And that's just the way it is.