Mr. Speaker, North Korea and Syria were working together with Pakistan rogue scientist Abdul Khan to build a nuclear reactor in Syria, capable of producing plutonium for two nuclear weapons within a year of when it was destroyed by Israeli jets in September of 2007.

Israel, by the way, has not confirmed or denied the air strikes. But Israel acted in self-defense and self-interest because of the fact that Israel is so close to Syria.

Mr. Speaker, here is a map of the area. We have Syria and, of course, we have Israel and Iraq and then, of course, Iran on the other side. And here is the location in Eastern Syria where the nuclear facility was being built, with the aid of the North Koreans. From that location, in Alkibar facility, it is only 450 miles to Tel Aviv, where the majority of the Israelis live.

This whole area, of course, is in somewhat of a turmoil because of the fact you have Syria and the rogue dictator in Iran working together with the North Koreans to facilitate the development of nuclear weapons for all three countries.

The CIA has reported recently that North Korea is building Syria a reactor similar to the one that they have in North Korea. And North Korea then helped the Syrians cover up the results of the bombing after the reactor was destroyed.

Here are four photographs that the CIA has released and declassified just this week. Over on the top corner here is a photograph of North Korea's nuclear reactor that is capable of producing plutonium. You will see right next to it Syria's nuclear reactor as it was being built. It was built with the same floor plan, the same design as the North Korean facility that is in North Korea. This photograph was taken of Syria's reactor shortly before it was blown up.

Here is an aerial photograph of Syria's reactor, and you can see, Mr. Speaker, it's camouflaged to the extent that it looks just like a boxed building just in the eastern part of Syria with nothing anywhere close to it. And after Israeli jets came in and bombed the facility, this photograph on the bottom corner shows the results of the Syrian reactor after it was bombed by the Israeli jets.

And what is interesting, after the Israeli jets came in and bombed this facility, the North Koreans and the Syrians started working together very quickly to destroy what was left of this facility and bury it in the desert and then put in its place another facility, a building that looks just like this one but obviously, based on intelligence, is just a shell and not really used for any purpose whatsoever.

The purpose, of course, to build the second building was to let the world know that they didn't have anything in this area, but of course, we know that they buried all of their equipment and all of their nuclear devices or equipment, I should say, in the desert underneath the bombing that was done by the Israeli pilots.

So it's important for us to be aware of the contact and the working of North Korea with Syria. It is not a recent development. North Korea started working with Syria to build this facility in 2001, and they have continued to work with them until they started actually building this facility that would be capable of producing plutonium and at least to be able to build two nuclear weapons within a year.

North Korea is a nuclear threat and appears to help any nation with evil intentions, and the whole world needs to know about it. The countries of Iran, North Korea, and now Syria need to be known to all the world that they are nations with hearts that are fatally built on mischief and with malice aforethought. They build nuclear facilities with no redeemable, peaceful intentions. The normal, peaceful countries of our planet, especially those in the Middle East, cannot allow these three nations to have nuclear nonsense continue. They are on a path of destruction for at least somebody else, other than themselves, if their intentions are not stopped.

As for the nameless Israeli bomber pilots who flew these missions to destroy this nuclear facility capable of later being able to build nuclear weapons, they are thanked for their job well done, and the world needs to be aware that North Korea, Syria, and Iran seem to continue to work together to thwart world peace by building facilities that are capable of destruction for other countries, especially their neighbors.

And that's just the way it is.