Mr. Speaker, I strongly support this legislation as a cosponsor. Being from Texas, we get the brunt of trucks coming from Mexico into the United States. Mexican truck drivers shouldn't be treated any better or worse than American truck drivers.

   The general reputation of the American trucking industry is very good. They maintain their vehicles, and they maintain competence of their drivers. This legislation will require the same of Mexican truck drivers that come into the United States to have vehicles that don't pollute, that are not overweight, that are maintained as well as American trucks, and it will require the simple but very logical principle that Mexican truck drivers that drive throughout the United States, those massive 18 wheelers, be able to read a street sign.

   I think it's important that people who drive our freeways are able to read the directions and the signs of the cities into which they travel. This legislation makes a lot of sense; it's common sense. It's needed to equalize the crossings into the United States of Mexican truck drivers with the competence of American truck drivers.