Mr. Speaker, I strongly support this common sense legislation. Thousands of Europeans who have traveled to fight alongside ISIS and other terrorist groups throughout the world pose a serious threat to our national security. One of the problems is making sure that those terrorists who go fight in Iraq, Syria, and other places don’t go back to their home countries in Europe undetected because, once a person gets in Europe, it is easier for Europeans to travel to the United States from Europe than it is from some other countries. Terrorists often travel through a number of countries before they get home, and some of these countries have very good border security and others not so good. The United States has the technology to help our friends and our allies track down these bad guys. But our bureaucracy, of course, has gotten in the way of national security. This bill expedites the process, cutting through the red tape and giving our partners the tools they need to track terrorist travel throughout the world and in their countries. Terrorist travel is not a problem we can solve by ourselves. We must stop terrorists before they show up in America. We must work with our partners overseas. I strongly support this legislation. And that is just the way it is.

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