Mr. Speaker, the United States is being invaded by millions of people from many countries throughout the world.

   The invasion has taken place by land, sea and air. The rulers of some of those Nations have encouraged the invasion, by words and other methods such as providing tactical maps as to how to illegally enter the United States.

   The people coming here want what the United States has. Some claim the land in the Southwest actually belongs to their native country and are retaking it. Some here are to commit lawless acts, but most are here as occupiers that have intentions of living here and reaping the benefits of the United States. No matter the reason, they are all here illegally. It is an invasion when masses of people move to someone else's country without permission.

   So, we have been invaded by people from other Nations. So what do we do? Some want the invasion to stop. I am one of those. Some in the United States want the invasion to continue. And some here in the United States are indifferent.

   But what about our government? Is it fighting to protect our sovereignty? Well, no. Rather than protect the United States border, the United States Federal Government is raising the white flag and has already drawn up terms of surrender. It is called the ``Grand Bargain.'' It's a plan to allow the illegal occupiers to just stay in America. The United States Government appears to take the position that it cannot stop the invasion so it will just legalize the invasion. So the occupiers will win the day and they will get to stay.

   The propaganda machine of our government is trying to convince Americans that this proposal is not amnesty. The idea is to change the meaning of the word ``amnesty.'' Sort of a new take on what definition of ``is'' is. The political propaganda people are trying to convince Americans it is better to surrender to the occupiers than to prevent illegals from coming across our borders, but it's still amnesty.

   Even though I was a judge in Texas for over 20 years, you don't have to have a law degree to know that amnesty means forgiveness or pardon. To give you an example, if somebody trespasses on your land or is a squatter on your land, as some people call it, if that person is caught and they pay a fine but they get to remain on your property, it's still trespassing, and if they get to remain on your property, even paying a fee, it is amnesty.

   Trespassers are required to leave when caught, no matter how long they have been trespassing on somebody else's property. This has been the law of nations for thousands of years. But our government's going to legalize trespassing and let squatters stay whether Americans and legal immigrants like it or not.

   Make no mistake. This plan, or treaty of capitulation, lets the illegal occupiers stay here. It's cold hard amnesty. The Feds have their priorities wrong.

   When a Nation is invaded, the duty of government is to stop the invasion. That is the first duty of our government, to defend, protect and secure the Nation. We protect the borders of other nations, but we don't protect our own. Our government has not protected the border but talks about legalizing the illegals. In other words, agree to the invasion and give in to the demands of the occupiers. And this is absurd. This is surrender.

   The first answer to an invasion is to defend the land, seal the border. Stop the people from coming here and don't give in to them. Simply stop the invasion.

   It's in the best interest of America that the government realizes there's a border war going on, and rather than surrender the government needs to get on the right side of the border war, the American side, and stop the invasion. Secure the border, then decide what to do with the people that are here illegally. But if the border's not protected, more occupiers will continue to come here illegally, and our government will continue to be missing in action.

   And that's just the way it is.