WASHINGTON, November 12 -


Mr. Speaker, last year, Iran's net exports of petroleum dropped to their lowest level since 1990. Its GDP has dropped for the first time in 20 years.

The Iranians are feeling the pain of sanctions. Now the Iranians say that they will negotiate if the sanctions are reduced. Reducing sanctions without verifying that Tehran is abandoning, not just freezing, its nuclear weapons program is misguided and reckless.

The U.S. is moving toward an appeasement deal with Iran, and Iran is giving up nothing.

Last Thursday, I met with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, who called this deal to reduce sanctions with Iran a ``bad deal, a very bad deal.''

The French Foreign Minister called the so-called deal a ``fool's game.''

Iran will not negotiate in good faith, and the U.S. is being played.

Meanwhile, Iran stalls, delays, and lies about its quest for nukes. We must be clear to Iran that they must totally abandon their nukes or their sanctions are here to stay. No deal, Mr. Rouhani.

 And that's just the way it is.